Places To Visit In Georgia

If you are planning on visiting a foreign country and have no idea where to start, Georgia is a great country to explore.

Are you ready to discover beautiful nature, history and warmhearted people of an ancient Caucasian country?

Georgia is a small country full of new places and adventures to discover, such as canyons, caves, national parks, castles, seaside cities, botanical gardens and of course - great food.

If you don’t have any idea where to start, this post may help you make choices and plan your visit to Georgia better. Pack your sports footwear, favorite camera and get ready for a new adventure.

One of the first things you should do, is get a Tourist Card, (at the airport, in Bank of Georgia express centers, national museums, tourist centers and etc.) which will accompany you through your journey and will make your trips to different cities more affordable, comfortable and fun, as it gives you many discounts and special offers.

Start your trip from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, visit old town, taste Georgian cuisine and visit Mtskheta, one of the country’s oldest towns, that has become UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its architecture and orthodox cathedral – Svetitskhoveli built in 4th century and rebuilt in 11th. Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Georgia and is only 20 minutes-away from Tbilisi.


After visiting Mtskheta take a road to Eastern Georgia and visit Kakheti region, famous for its vineyards, wine-making and magnificent scenery through the whole year. While in Kakheti, go down to Sighnaghi, Georgia’s City of Love, which is surrounded by a great wall built in 1762, where you may sip finest wines and enjoy a beautiful view of the Alazani valley and Caucasus mountains. Lagodekhi National Park is just an hour drive-away from Sighnaghi and is an absolute must if you want to experience the wilderness and beauty of the Georgian nature.

Kakheti,Sighnaghi,Lagodekhi, Alazani

Another must-see site in Georgia is Vardzia – a cave monastery built in 1186 known for its complex structure and national heritage. Vardzia is just 4 hours away from Tbilisi and there are various transportation options available.


Even though Georgia is an all-seasons destination, summers are especially pleasant. Seaside city is a true gem of the Black Sea, where you may find all types of accommodations, restaurants, nightclubs and other places for your delight. Batumi is great for both active or passive, family or friends vacation. You may take a bus to Batumi’s Botanical Gardens or a hidden beach of Mtsvane Kontskhi.