Tourist Card

Visiting a foreign country can be quite a confusing experience: new currency, complicated transportation systems, all the rules and customs you have to get used to, making your way through the jungle of unknown buildings and people. Well, we can help you.

Tourist Card is the key to our city’s known and unknown pleasures. It can guide you, help you make easier payments while exploring the hidden treasures of Tbilisi. It’s easy to acquire and easy to use. You can buy Tourist Card everywhere in Georgia: at Express Bank service centers of Bank of Georgia, service centers of Magti, right at the Airport, at the National Museum, at the Tourism Information Centers and etc. It can be used for transportation around Tbilisi, and you’ll be able to pay with it and get discounts as well.

tourist card

More than that, you’ll also be able to get special offers and discounts at many of Georgia’s famous bars, restaurants, hotels and so on. So, use Tourist Card to make your journey much more comfortable and enjoyable