Tours In Tbilisi

Tbilisi offers a lot of variety and the most obvious place to start exploring is the city center. Walk along Rustaveli street and soon, you will see the  National Opera and Ballet Theater on your left, followed by the Kashveti Church. This is a classic Georgian Orthodox church, its frescoes were done by a famous Georgian painter Lado Gudiashvili.
National Opera and Ballet Theater
After  visiting the church, you should continue to Freedom Square, where you’ll encounter a large column with a golden statue of Saint George, the country’s patron saint. Pass the statue and go towards the Kote Apkhazi street, which will take you to Old Tbilisi. Turn onto any of the side streets and absorb the spectacular atmosphere and decadent beauty of leafy squares and old-fashioned houses painted in colours ranging from pink, to light green. Houses have a clear mark of time, but still hold a lot of charm and character. The area is full of cafes and restaurants where the Tourist Card gives you special offers.

Kashveti Church

After enjoying the old architecture, continue your journey towards the Rike park. Even in the coldest weather the park can be enjoyable for walking in, but in summer it’s full of music, fun and all sorts of people. You can cross beautifully lit Peace Bridge to get to the park and enjoy dazzling views on both sides of Mtkvari River. Inside the park you’ll be able to get on a cable car and catch a ride towards Narikala fortress. The ride will give you an opportunity to look down on the old side of Tbilisi In order to take a cable car, just like with any public transportation, you will need to use your Tourist Card.. Up the hill you will see the Narikala Fortress.Built in the 4th century, it was partially destroyed in subsequent battles,on top of its walls, you will be able to enjoy striking views of the entire city.

Kote Abkhazi street
You can descend down on the cable car or you can walk back downhill and have a stroll in Botanical Gardens, observing the large collection of plants. If by chance it is autumn, Botanical Gardens are a priority: contrasting colors explode the scenery with the shades of orange, red, yellow and green! From here, you should walk down the Botanical Street and turn right to Abanotubani, the Bath District. Venture into one of the bathhouses and go for a warm sulphur bath. There is no more relaxing way to finish your day of exploring Tbilisi, than to have a dinner in one of the traditional restaurants nearby;
Narikala Fortress
Tbilisi is full of contrasts. Let them in as a spectacle and you will appreciate the true beauty of the capital of Georgia!