Where to eat in Tbilisi

All the foodies out there, gather and plan your visit to Georgia.

Georgia will offer you lots of delicious adventures, full of different flavors and incredible dishes, so if you’re looking for new tastes to discover, then Georgia should definitely be on top of your travel bucket lists.

You will most likely start your travel with wandering around the city. In the center you’ll come across tiny shops, where you can buy different kinds of local delicacies and tasty souvenirs, like:

Tklapi – traditional bittersweet or sour fruit rollups

Churchkhela – walnut, or nut beads dipped in Badagi (grape juice), some locals call this treat the Georgian Snickers.You should also try local cheese and wine. If you are a wine lover, you may visit “Amy’s Winehouse” as well as “Tsangala’s wine shop & bar”, where you will find dozens of different Georgian wines. In all of these stores, you will be greeted by hosts who are happy to assist you and tell you many stories about Georgian delicacies.

Churchkhela, Badagi, Georgian Snickers

After tasting and enjoying treats mentioned above, you can go ahead and visit restaurants that offer you a big range of traditional menus. City center is known as one of the most visited destinations in Tbilisi, where you may find variety of places to eat delicious meals such as Khinkali, Khachapuri and many more. For example, at Chacha Room you may taste Chacha – a Georgian answer to vodka.

Chacha, Chacha Room

If you have decided to taste Georgian cuisine, by all means visit “Dzveleburi Rachuli” (Old Rachian), where you will get accustomed with the traditional cuisine of the mountainous region Racha that is known for its smoked ham, Lobiani (bean pie) and many more. Khinkali is a must-try and one of the most popular Georgian dishes; You should definitely visit Khinklis Sakhli (the House of Khinkali) that offers various Georgian foods at affordable prices. For exquisite kitchen experience, head to “Sakhli Madatovze” (“A house on Madatovi”) known for its exotic interior design and modernized Georgian cuisine.
A house on Madatovi

All of the restaurants and shops mentioned above offer you various discounts if you pay with Tourist Card.