Tbilisi Night Life

Tbilisi is an eye-catching city in its own light. By day, it offers a lot of exciting things to do, a lot of adventures and sightseeing. But by night, it transforms into a thriving, neon-illuminated, unrelenting maze of never-ending fun. It offers countless hidden gems, underground bars and night clubs.

You should start your exploration with Bassiani, a battlefield of dancing and great electronic music, rightfully having been named after one of country’s famous battles. The club is situated just under the Dinamo stadium and is labeled by many European publishers as one of the best clubs in the world.  Describing Bassiani won’t fully do it justice, so we recommend giving it a go on your own.

Fabrika – a gigantic fun producing factory for hipsters should be the next stop on your list. Here, you find great bars, craft beer, hipster shops, delicious food stops from Burgers to Asian food. You can also play a few board games on the side. Remember not to forget your Tourist Card and make a use for it when you go there though, you’ll be able to get a lot of discounts and offers.


Khidi is appropriately named “Bridge”, what can we say? It is a club, and it is under the bridge, more than that, it is made of two separate areas, with different music, so it gives you a few options when it comes to matter of taste.

If you are the kind of traveler, who likes to see as many places as possible in a really short amount of time, then go ahead and visit Kote Apkhazi street, where you can find bars such as Zoestan (At Zoe’s), Moulin Electrique and etc, meet new people and take party from one place to another throughout the whole night.

This list is only a taste of what Tbilisi can offer; it’s an eclectic, vibrant city that has something for everyone. From cafes with beautiful views and delicious food to new edge clubs, filled with great music. So come to Tbilisi and discover your own version of it.

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