Transport in Tbilisi

Getting to your destination in Tbilisi is not hard at all. You can easily get anywhere you want in time. All you have to know is which form of transportation is more suitable, based on your destination and needs.

In most cases, bus is the most convenient form of transportation. First of all, it’s very cheap; it only costs 50 tetri, (0.20 USD). To get all information about routes, you can check Tbilisi Transport Company’s website. You can also download the application on your iOS and Android device - Tbilisi Transport Company.

Tbilisi Transport Company

A large number of buses have been renewed, which makes transportation more comfortable. But it has to be mentioned that during the rush hour, increased number of passengers results in overcrowded buses.

In case you are willing to pay extra for a comfortable ride, then you are better off with a taxi. Tbilisi is not a big city and thus using a taxi won’t cost you a lot. It’s recommended to use private taxi services like Taxify. You can download taxi applications on your mobile device. You can also get taxi right in the street, but you’ll have to negotiate the fare with the driver. In this case, you may end up paying more.


Tbilisi Metro is another way of municipal transportation, that is relatively fast since it avoids traffic jams and is cheap at the same time.

Tbilisi Metro

Another way of transportation is Tbilisi’s famous Marshutkas (minibuses) that don’t cost much and can be effective for certain destinations. But in general, buses are more simple and efficient.

famous Marshutkas (minibuses)

Keep in mind, that all municipal transport works both with cash and cards. If you want to avoid carrying all those coins, you may get a Tourist Card and use it for buses, metro and ropeways. When paying with a card, public transportation is free for an hour and a half.

You can also use different forms of transportation when it comes to exploring the historic part of Tbilisi, which is a must-see. You can get to Rike Park on a bus and take a ropeway to the Narikala fortress. From there, you will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the city. As mentioned above, you can pay for the ropeway with your Tourist Card, and in case you don’t have it, don’t you worry, you can get one at the cashier booth.

Tbilisi has another ropeway in the Vake district that takes you to another gem of the city – the Turtle Lake. Of course, you can take car up the hill but the ropeway gives a beautiful view of the Vake Park and is very convenient.

No matter which form of transportation you choose, keep in mind that early mornings, 09:00-11:00 and evenings 18:00-20:00 are the rush hours and traffic jams are quite frequent.