Delicious Discoveries of Batumi

It’s true, Georgia is full of gastronomical treasures, but did you know, some dishes are better tasted in the places where they came from?

Adjara is located near black sea and is highly influenced by its nature and surroundings. The same applies to local cuisine and its brightest, tastiest example is Adjarian Khachapuri (Boat-shaped Adjarian cheese pie) mentioned above.

The ancient recipe of Khachapuri – one of the signature dishes of Georgia, counts many centuries and almost every region has its own variation of it. Local legend says that the unusual form of Adjarian khachapuri represents boats that came into the black sea area. So, if you’re eager to try this traditional and amazing dish, we advise you to visit Batumi – the heart of Adjara, where Adjarian khachauri is the main star in almost every menu you’ll come across.Adjarian Khachapuri


You can enjoy wide variety of restaurants in Batumi, both when it comes to cuisine and location. You can walk along the seaside and make your way to Pier Batumi, full of different tiny cafes, coffee and ice cream shops, topped off with beautiful view over the sea.Pier Batumi

From there, you can head to Alphabet Tower, located near Batumi Sea Port and appreciate high restaurant quality as well as enjoy beautiful view over the city, if timed right, you can enjoy sunset into the evening sea as you enjoy wonderful food. This restaurant is high above, both - in quality and in location.
Alphabet Tower

If tasting traditional food is your number one priority, then definitely visit Acharuli Sakhli, located near so called “dancing fountains” on Khimshiashvili street and you’ll be pleased with the traditional design of the restaurant and of course a great choice of dishes proudly representing Georgian cuisine.
Acharuli Sakhli

Your trip to Batumi can’t end without you visiting the local fish market, in the entrance of the town, where you can buy and fry fresh seafood on site.  If you are seafood lover and have the tooth for high quality fish, visiting this place should be on top of your list.

If you get hungry and are a big fan of fast food, Batumi has a wonderful surprise for you! Here you can visit one of the most famous McDonald’s buildings, named to be the world’s best commercial building for the 2014 year and simply the world’s coolest McDonald's. Its exterior is covered by glass panels, and has an undeniably spectacular structure, the interior is full of open dining areas and a big patio, featuring many sets of the most beautiful flowers that ensure colorful and cozy environment for any guest.

There are many great restaurants and cafes in Batumi so get your Tourist Card and start exploring Adjarian cuisine.