Places near Batumi

Batumi is a great city for fun and adventures, but what if you’re looking more? What if you want to discover some hidden gems outside of it? We’ll help you out.  Near Batumi, there are a lot of peculiar places, natural wonders to marvel at and things to experience. All of this, is close enough for you to reach with minimal effort. Where do we start?

Beaches to Visit :
-Sarpi- Georgia’s western touch point with the Turkish border, just about 30 minute ride from Batumi, where you can spend your day on a quiet, rocky beach, with water so clean you can count the pebbles.

-Tsikhisdziri- an abandoned castle ruins located 30 minutes away from Batumi with untouched and unspoiled beaches, a secluded getaway that offers you a truly exotic experience.
Historical beauties (places to hike) 


- Gonio Castle – an ancient Roman fortification just 15 km south of Batumi. It is one of the oldest fortresses in Georgia and a supposed gravesite of st. Matthias, one of the twelve apostles. Interesting enough, isn’t it?
Gonio Castle- Mtirala National Park - is a protected area located 50-minutes from Batumi. Covering 15,698 hectares, Mtirala National Park is a great place to hike and experience Adjarian wildlife. The name Mtirala (crybaby) derives from the frequent rainfalls making the park one of the wettest areas in the region.

Makhuntseti – located in just 30km from Batumi, this small, but really beautiful place contains the most breathtaking waterfall in Georgia. But there’s more, in order to reach this waterfall you have to cross the king Tamara’s bridge – an ancient arced bridge made out of stone.

Gele-Gurdani – a magical place 40 minutes away from Batumi, hidden between trees and all the greenery in the world. Here you can lose yourself and spend the most memorable time enjoying the best of Georgian cuisine.

Special treats :
Tsitsinatela amusement park – if you like large amusement parks that offer fun for all family members, then Tsitsinatela is a go for you.  Here you will find lots of attractions,  food courts, gaming rooms and etc.

Tsitsinatela amusement park