Shopping in Batumi

Shopping can be a fun and interactive way for exploring new city and getting to know locals and you also end up picking up few memorable things you can then remember your travels by.

If you decide to go on a shopping adventure in Batumi, first of all make sure to have your tourist card on hand, in order to shop way easier, since you won’t have to worry about paying by cash and will get a lot of discounts as well.

We advise you to visit the heart of Batumi – Batumi boulevard. Go deep into the seaside park and at the seashore you’ll find Pier Batumi – a place of many different flavors, views and great shopping places next to it. There you can buy trendy, pretty clothes that are not at all pricy, and are affordable for any kind of traveler.

After little shopping warm up in the Pier Batumi, walk along the Boulevard, where you can find many little souvenir shops full of fun little things to take with you as you go. Along with memorable traditional souvenirs, like clay vases/ plates, figurines wearing national clothing, magnets reflecting the form of Georgia, Georgian Flags printed on different kinds of things, and etc. you can have temporary souvenirs too, such as temporary tattoos that can be purchased or hand drawn by the tattooists in boulevard you can find at almost every step of your way.

Pier Batumi

After leaving Boulevard area, head to Zviad Gamsakhurdia St, where you can find Antiques Shop – a place full of breath-taking rarities; old medals, coins, old statuettes, paintings, plates and dishes, postcards, photos and so on…

If you are admirer of active shopping and like visit many shops at once, you should definitely visit Gorgiladze street, a place where many shops and boutiques are located as well as the biggest mall in Batumi - Batumi Mall.

If you happen to visit places outside Batumi too, then you as well might visit a big outlet in Khelvachauri, where you can buy trendy clothes at the lowest price.