Transport in Batumi

Batumi is one of the biggest cities in Georgia, and there are many means of transportation. Even though any city is best experienced on-foot, sometimes moving around might be a hassle.

Your first task is most likely to get to Batumi and there are few options for doing so: train*, bus and plane. Keep in mind, that if you are travelling by train and the destination table says Makhinjauri, instead of Batumi, do not panic; You are heading the right way. Now that you’ve made it to Batumi, there are few options when it comes to navigating your way through the city and even though it is not little by any means, every important landmark is packed close together, so in most cases, you can even walk from one place to another and taking walks in Batumi is the real treat.

Next comfortable option is taxi, usually it’s not the cheapest but as we mentioned, most places are packed together so it will not cost you much. You can use  Taxi+, NewYorker Taxi Batumi, Euro Taxi Batumi etc. On average a single moderate ride will cost you 4-5 laris. (~2 dollars)

Buses are a much cheaper option and since there aren’t too many bus stops, it’d be fairly easy for you to navigate. You can buy your ticket from the driver and get it stamped before you leave the bus. It only costs 0.5 Laris. Remember, that buses #9 and #10 will lead you to airport and #10 circles the seafront, in case you are interested in remote beaches.

Another popular option, is to ride “Marshrutka”, (A van that functions like a bus but has more routes available and  differs in price - 0.5 Laris.) Be sure to check the google routes online beforehand, as it might be troublesome to ask directions on the spot, especially if you don’t speak Georgian.

It is also possible to rent a car in Batumi and it’s fairly cheap, ranging from 100-300 dollars, depending on the car. You can rent it both online and have it delivered in airport, or ask it in the hotels we’ve provided in the accomodation blog-post.

We would recommend you rent a bicycle and casually stroll through the designated areas. There is a lot to see in Batumi, so comfortable, open-air transport would be the best way to enjoy the beaches, tiny streets and and beautiful architecture.

scooter in Batumi boulevard