Travelling with kids in Batumi

While there are many kinds of travelling, the one with taking kids along the way is surely the loudest and fun among them. It may also be troublesome for some people, that is why every parent should do serious research before going somewhere, especially abroad. In order to make your child happy and content, you should know exactly what places are appropriate for kids and plan your day by having this places in your list.

If you have decided to visit Batumi with kids, the first destination you all should go is of course Batumi Boulevard – full of many adventures and fun places. Here, at the main entrance you’ll get into the little world of children, where they are confidently cruising around in little cars that you can rent hourly.

In this area, you’ll also meet many painters and artists, who are happy to draw your kids’ portraits and lock their cute little features on the canvas forever, as well as, paint little flowers, animals and magical creatures on their cheeks- depending on what your child choses.

Batumi Boulevard

Be ready to find popcorn machines and little shops that sell so called “junk food” almost at every step, so if you are a follower of a healthier lifestyle, good luck saying no to little sweet toothed kiddoes of yours.

Fortunately, in Batumi Boulevard there are many places that can distract your child from their little enlistments. Such as seafront promenade attractions. Kids can have the time of their life by jumping on the trampolines, sliding on inflatable slides, swinging on various swings, taking pictures with little statues of animals, pirates and dinosaurs, exercising in jungle themed parks and climbing up artificial rock walls.

If you are not afraid of heights, we advise to visit Ferris wheel that is located along the seafront promenade, on the top of which your children will be amazed by the beautiful sea and Batumi views.

In the mood for taking a walk and seeing more animals? 6th May park, is one of the oldest public parks in Georgia and a great place for morning or evening walks with kids, where you can see and meet exotic animals in the zoo located there, enjoy the lake view, rent water bikes and have fun by riding them on the lake surface.

Batumi has another zoo, that is absolute favorite of children who are fond of animals, because here they can see and even feed and pet various kinds of mammals, reptiles, birds and etc.

So, if you are in doubt whether to travel with kids or not, we definitely advise you to visit and discover the beauty of Batumi with your little ones.

In the mood for taking a walk and seeing more animals? 6th may park, one of the oldest public parks in Georgia and a great place for morning or evening walks, if you enjoy calm, happy places where you can also see and meet exotic animals, enjoy the lake view and just relax.