Carefully choosing your accommodation influences the quality of your travels greatly and it can be quite a hassle, so we will try to give you a few options to start with. 

Hotel Corner Inn  is located along the coast and  offers 60 modern, fully equipped rooms, with beautiful views overlooking the sea and the mountains. Hotel also has an indoor and outdoor restaurant, where you can taste Georgian and European dishes. Additionally, guests can use the luggage storage and parking space, which is provided for free. Keep in mind, with the  Tourist Card, you’ll be able to get 15% discount at Hotel Corner Inn.
Hotel Corner Inn

Black Sea Hostel offers accessible rooms (both shared and private) with free WiFi, 24/7 front desk and a comfortable location near the sea. It is the only adapted hotel for people with disabilities. The streets here are colorful, modern and exceptionally striking at nights, so it offers a good opportunity for calm walks in the city. Tourist Card will get you 20% discount in Black Sea Hostel.
Black Sea Hostel